Anyone who is a Depeche Mode fan has probably already seen this video for Personal Jesus (The Stargate Remix).

It came out in May 2011 and is one of my favourite videos. I keep it locked on my Bookmarks and have it on replay again and again in the wee small hours when I’m writing.

The remix itself is brilliant and takes the song to a new level which may bring people into synthpop who may not have been into it originally.

Depeche Mode were one of the first bands in the 80′s to really embrace remixes, and this track is a great example of their collaborations with remixers.

As always, Depeche Mode’s take on religion asks uncomfortable questions, and together with this bewitching video (see what I’ve done there!) they entertain and make us think.

The video itself is beautifully shot in stark black & white and the imagery is breathtaking. Some might say the video doesn’t work with the track, but I think it captures the modern and the past really well.

Depeche Mode Offical Website


Depeche Mode Wikipedia


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