Looking ahead to 2014

As the year draws to a (hopefully!) entertaining end, we can have a brief look back at 2013 and where LTT are heading in the upcoming year.

Well, 2013 was all about Big Sky.
From a bunch of songs written in our studio “shed” to a full release was quite a journey. However, this journey was an absolute pleasure, thanks to some amazing work by our producer Geoff Pinckney, stunning cover art by Martin Brent, design by Mark Kendrick and of course label support from Emma Scott and Jase Burns.

For continued radio support for Big Sky throughout 2013, we would like to thank Rob Harvey at Phoenix FM, Dave Charles at HFM, Flip Martian and Johnny Normal at Radio Happy, Gina Achord at TNNWS, Peff at The Engineerium, Rusty Egan at Mi Soul Radio, Alan Simpson at BBC Radio Ulster, John Govier at BBC Radio Devon and Lee Wardle at The Voice FM to name just a few!
We have had some truly amazing support from music blogs Worldwide and a big thanks must go to Andy Jordan at Revival Synth for his support for so many electronic bands.


So, a busy few months coming up. In just over a week we get to play alongside Analog Angel and Sinestar in Bristol. Not only great bands , but absolute top guys too. To play amongst bands like this is pretty amazing and we are honoured to be invited along.
In January, our final single taken from Big Sky will be released. Exit Ramp has already received airplay on BBC 6 Music thanks to Tom Robinson. This track has come out as one of the surprise favourites from Big Sky for many. Check out the radio edit here:

Along to April we have I Synth II in Lille to look forward to. Our first gig outside the UK and our first time playing on the same bill as Tenek. Our work with Geoff is well known, but Peter Steer has also been a great help to us over the past couple of years. Cheers Pete!

Releases : We have a new EP fairly close to finalisation. This should be released first quarter of 2014, followed by a second EP later in the year.
Album 2? We have big plans for the next LP, so 2014 is perhaps a little optimistic. However, it WILL be worth waiting for!

So, to all our friends , new and old, have a great New Year , and hope to see you at one of the gigs in 2014!

Johnnie, Paul & Chris

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