I’m listening to the album “Blacklight” by IRIS today.


If you’re into your Depeche Mode style synth music or maybe Yoav, then IRIS will be right up your proverbial alleyway!


I was browsing online and came across a video made by Michael Kinders. He used the brilliant track “Red Right Return” by IRIS and created his own bloody marvellous video.


The album came out in 2010, so I’m not such a hip dude after all, as I’ve only just discovered it! Never mind, it will played on repeat all day today – very loud!


So mother was wrong – browsing videos on the internet doesn’t make you go blind! Now I’ve found some new music – or music that’s new to me!


I guess then a big, big thanks goes out to Michael Kinders for taking the time to make that video. If you check out his YouTube Channel you’ll see some other great videos he’s made.


He’s obviously into the same stuff we are; Tenek, De/Vision, and Depeche Mode.


We’re big fans of Tenek and we’re luck enough to be working with Geoff Pinckney from Tenek at the moment.c He produced our first single “Time Will Tell” which we brought out last year (available on iTunes, Amazon, etc) and is producing our album – which should be out in the spring.


Once the album is out we are looking to start gigging proper as we’ve been concentrating on writing over the past year. We’re really looking forward to that and we’ve already been working on the set.  So keep an eye out for announcements on this site regarding the album and gigs.


Anyways, have a look at the IRIS video below, have a listen to their album and go and check out Tenek – you WILL like them!


While you’re doing all of that lovely stuff, don’t mess about! Go over to iTunes and buy Time Will Tell right now!


Yes you! Right now!


Buy Time Will Tell


Michael Kinders










Depeche Mode

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