I haven’t listened to Doves in ages, and their “Lost Soul” album is a good place to start. I seem be having more days like these, when I look back, revisit a band, and listen to their whole back catalogue from beginning to end.


“Lost Soul” was released in 2000 and has a couple of tracks I bought as singles way back, but I had forgotten about some of the other tracks – shame on me!


Like their mates Elbow, this is Manchester indie-pop at its finest…beautiful, emotional music. It’s definitely worth a listen if you like strong melodies, beautiful guitar sounds, and well-crafted songs.


“Catch the Sun” and “Sea Song” have just been on. Loveerly!


I think almost all their albums were Mercury Prize listed, but the big breakthrough for me personally was the album “Kingdom of Rust” which propelled them into the stratosphere (even though they already have had no.1 albums, this seemed to take them further).


Unlike many bands nowadays, their albums should be listened to as an album. I put Elbow into the same category. Sit down and start at track 1 and listen to the end. If you do that one small thing, the world will make sense and you’ll be a better person for it!


Did you know…?


They were Badly Drawn Boy’s backing band and appeared on his first album and on tour with him in 1998.


Do you remember Sub Sub’s “Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)” – that was Doves before they were Doves back in the early 90’s! If you like 90’s dance music and haven’t heard this yet – it’s a classic!





Doves website


Elbow website



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